Re-share: “On Finish Lines and Baseball”

Adam Kane’s essay “On Finish Lines and Baseballfirst appeared in the January 2014 Issue of The Rain Party & Disaster Society. Today, on the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, the editorial staff felt that it was only fitting to share this thought-provoking piece on the Boston Strong mentality with our readers again. Adam has also imparted on us his own reflection on the work, and we share those words with you now.

"Boston Strong first showed up on Twitter the day after two bombs killed 3 people and injured nearly 300 more on Patriot’s Day 2013. It caught on instantaneously.

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Instant yellow reflects: lightening. Wait for (1 Mississippi…2) thunder. Sit vigil inside heap
of stuffed animals, fingers in my ears provide a barrier to rage coming through the closet
door in waves. Summer exodus from fear: school nurse’s scavenger hunt for scoliosis in
my spine, Barbie’s impossible pink lipstick, Daddy’s belt buckle on my backside. Don’t cry.
Stand straight, rigid on the pyre.

Burn, burn, Wicker Girl, bone, ash, fire.

Wicker Girl by Janna Vought

robert frost
plays tennis with the nets pulled tight
the ball and the racquet strings rhyme with the court’s surface
the time between strikes seems measured and chimes as if syllables
the constant cacophony of ball off strings off the court and back to the strings
he scores his games in quatrains and sonnets and couplets


I’m tired of poems with sounds of tennis balls rebounding inside them

Artist Spotlight: Poet Howie Good

we’re not ashamed to admit over here at RPDSHQ that we’re a little in love with the work of our frequent contributor, howie good. when approached for a feature, this multi-tasking, multi-talented man offered us a concise, insightful essay into the life & process of a professor/poet. enjoy.

-the editorial staff of The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society

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