Artist Spotlight: Mark Gould

I relish a piece of work that comes to my inbox fully fleshed out, especially when that work is about flesh. Mark Gould’s “Stay Like This” and his upcoming “The Best Revenge,” affectionately nicknamed “Body Appreciate Poems Vol. I & II” are about over thought, hind sight, exploring boundaries, and the triangle of skin visible to you only when she brushes her hair over her shoulder at the exact moment the collar of her shirt droops below her collar bone while she’s sitting next to you on the porch, you paying no mind to the setting sun. Mark’s work finds a home so well at The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society because it’s about more than genderless bodies and first feelings; his work explores the patterns of oppression too often overlooked between two humans and the ways in which society can stand up, dust it self off, and be a better version of itself. In short, we hope Mark is here to stay. 

xox, Bee Walsh // Poetry Editor

"Mark Gould. Featured. You’ve Been Warned."

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I hold one to my ear, and laugh
I can hear the city!
My teeth are briny, salt-stained from smiling into the wind,
bare hands red and numb from plunging fingers into the cold sand
again and again.

I shout to you to catalogue the bounty.
A speckled crab shell!
A pincher, with the tendon still attached!
Silver-bellied clams!
Driftwood as smooth as boiled bones.

The Sky At the End of the World by Jessica Leigh Hester

By morning the whole world
would know the weeping boy who
dreamed so long of us and cried at all

the wrong we did had wakened, dressed
in clean deerskin, a necklace of blue
stones, grasping the buffalo-horn rattle,

sailing home green waves Emma no longer
feared and had to search in my repeating
nightmare. Charles said we’re always

watching for her son to wake and rise,
who isn’t hers and is, ours and Emma’s,
your lost and crying Sleeping Child.

The Sleeping Child by Nels Hanson

Artist Spotlight: Essayist Bec Everett

During our True Stories submission period, Bec Everett sent us an amazing article. Entitled “Let Me Introduce You To Some New Friends,” it detailed the shocking human rights violations that the Sahrawis of the Western Sahara have suffered for the past four decades. To supplement this article, we asked Bec to share some of her personal stories and photos with us. You can see these below, and you can read the original article here.

- Jen Lombardo, Non-Fiction Editor

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Re-share: “On Finish Lines and Baseball”

Adam Kane’s essay “On Finish Lines and Baseballfirst appeared in the January 2014 Issue of The Rain Party & Disaster Society. Today, on the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, the editorial staff felt that it was only fitting to share this thought-provoking piece on the Boston Strong mentality with our readers again. Adam has also imparted on us his own reflection on the work, and we share those words with you now.


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Instant yellow reflects: lightening. Wait for (1 Mississippi…2) thunder. Sit vigil inside heap
of stuffed animals, fingers in my ears provide a barrier to rage coming through the closet
door in waves. Summer exodus from fear: school nurse’s scavenger hunt for scoliosis in
my spine, Barbie’s impossible pink lipstick, Daddy’s belt buckle on my backside. Don’t cry.
Stand straight, rigid on the pyre.

Burn, burn, Wicker Girl, bone, ash, fire.

Wicker Girl by Janna Vought